The ‘Real’ State of Nothingness Theory

The ‘Real’ State of Nothingness Theory

I find it ironic that human beings are born in a system without a choice. Meaning, we did not have a choice regarding our physical existence. However, within the very system we are born in, choice, or shall I say free will, is given.

Furthermore, it is apparent that the system we exist in is flawed. Within the system, human beings experience pain, sorrow, discomfort, frustration, anger, and loss. But humans also experience love, happiness, warmth, and satisfaction. There is no consistency with living a full life with the latter. Whatever you love you will lose. If you are happy, eventually sorrow will take its place. This is the unfortunate reality of our existence.

Shall it be, I suggest, that not existing at all might be better than existing? Let us imagine a state where you were nothing. No thoughts. No feelings. Non-existent. Of course in this scenario, you would never experience the wonderful moments that bring you joy. But then again, that joy, over time, will fade away, leaving you only with the thought of reliving those special moments only in your mind.
On the contrary, if you never exist you will never experience the bad moments in life. Therefore, pain, sorrow, discomfort, frustration, anger, and loss carries no meaning and serve no relevance.

So, if given the choice, would you choose existence or non-existence?

As such I want to introduce

  • The ‘Real’ State of Nothingness Theory – Which neatly encapsulates experiments involving zero time scenarios and physical space surrounding nothingness.
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