A Text Message from Student Athlete to Coach

A Text Message from Student Athlete to Coach

Student athlete: I’ve had the pleasure of being around you for many years. I’ve learned a lot on and off the court. Thank you.
As I begin this next chapter in college, I’m beginning to question my beliefs. Beliefs, which you’ve helped me form a basis for my life.
You claim to be a practicing Christian, yet often I see rage, anger, foul language, and frustration when coaching or training.
How then do you define a practicing Christian?

Coach Micah: Student athlete. I trust you are well.
I have enjoyed our long talks about the Christian faith, and the tough workouts on the court. I must say I’m grateful for the truth revealed to me from the Holy Spirit to spread His message. And, the trainers and basketball coaches I’ve learned from. I hope to remain close to you during this next chapter.

I guess, maybe, it depends on what you mean by a practicing Christian. There is only one living being on record who practiced Christianity at every moment of life- Jesus Christ. And He still lives today.
So, therefore, there are no practicing Christians. There are, however, Christians who, in varying degrees, attempt to practice it and fail, and then start again.
A perfect Christian who prefects Christianity must certainly perfectly align his or her life with the life of Christ. And, I use the word perfect, rather strongly.
Now giving the impossibility of that, being perfect as Christ Himself, you should move every experience you have in reference to God. Meaning, looking at everything as something that comes from Him, and always asking His will first.
Finally, if you look to me as a marker for your life, you will fail considerably. I have shared with you my marker- Christ. With this marker, Christ, you will find hope, love, peace, happiness, and every other word the human being uses to define the perfect reality. And this is because ALL things come for Him.

May the grace of the Lord Jesus Christ, the love of God, and the fellowship of the Holy Spirit be with you.

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