Abduction 1989

Abduction 1989

If an extraterrestrial was amongst us:

It would look to fit in by color and human biological make-up- probably a neutral color, light brown. Not too tall or too short. Etc.

It would look to be involved in multiple careers, study the natural world, push an agenda of peace- several job titles, a disciplined academic, community leader.

It would have limited family- no biological kids, not a lot of mention of immediate family.

It would prefer a private but public isolated life- the entity would be extremely private but in public view willing to share a discreet message.

It would be well rounded and versed on the human condition- this study would insert it into the human population.

It would periodically share stories and images about it’s kind- the entity would openly, but strategically share stories, share images, write about the extraterrestrial experience.
Where amongst the planet is such an entity hiding?


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