If given,
There is no truth.

if someone or shall I say something says there is no truth than the statement is not true. Moreover, if it’s true, it’s false, and if it’s false, it’s false.

to say there is no truth an entity must exist to express the truths of existence. Therefore, I must exist if I’m questioning my existence.
Then, someone or shall I say something who states there is no truth must exist, and so it’s true that someone or something making the statement, must exist.

Time must also exist. Meaning, time must exist to express the sequence of marks or shall I say the words, “there is no truth.”
Thus, the word “is” must come after the word “there,” and the word or markings “no” after both “there is” can only come after the other if there is time- present, past, future. Therefore, time exists.

The statement itself is a proposition. Therefore, propositions exist. This is another truth.
Moreover, there must be the concept of unity. Meaning putting words together to make a sentence. And, by creating space between the words or shall I say the marks, “space” therefore exist. Furthermore, there exists at least one sentence in existence, because someone or something typed it, wrote it, or said it- This is truth. And, there are English words- subject and predicate. This is also truth.

Numbers 1 through 4 must exist because there are 4 different words- There is no truth.
Moreover, the alphabet must exist- a through z. This is truth.

Here lies a being in search of truth. What is truth?

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