Christianity. A strong part of my human experience.

Christianity is a worldview. Christianity is a monotheistic worldview.

As a Christian, I do not believe that mass energy is all that exists. I believe that there is a transcendent of a personal God who created space-time and who created the Universe and who upholds it. I also believe that God has revealed, at least part of who He is in the natural world. And this why I am particularly interested in the relationship of science to Christian belief.

The word Christian comes from Christ, and this is geared into history. Therefore, it’s no longer a matter of thinking about science with its generalized laws and the Universe as a whole. It’s talking about something very specific and historical. And the claim is, and it is a rather staggering claim, that God has become human. This claim teaches us that Jesus Christ was simultaneously man and God. For we pray and we accept Him as our savior, the one who can save us from ourselves.

Now, this worldview will take a bit of studying and it is far more detailed than this post. I believe that the historical evidence is mainly in the life and in the miracles of Jesus, supremely by His death and His resurrection from the dead, which I take as a fact of history for which I believe we can give substantial evidence.

I’d like to emphasize that being a Christian does not mean simply accepting these facts intellectually, but it means entering into a real and a personal relationship with God. Because God, children, is not a theory, He is a person. And because we were created in His image, we, human beings, can have a relationship with Him if we choose. I trust you will share with me this human experience, Christianity.

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