The Function of the Feminine

The Function of the Feminine

The feminine principle is life giving.

Thus, we live in a male-dominated culture that doesn’t notice this unique, much needed, giver of life, principle.

You, the observer of reality, see a picture, a drawing of a flower, and you don’t notice the white underneath.

You, the consciously aware being, see a printed book, and you think what is important is the printing and the page doesn’t matter.

Thus, if you reconsider the entirety of the thing, how could there be visible, or shall say noticeable printing without the page underlying it?

Thus, what is called substance, that which stands underneath, sub underneath, stands, stands.

And, to be substantial is to be underlying, to be the support, to be the foundation of the world.

Thus, this is the great function of the feminine, to be the substance.

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