Child Motivational Books: The Jack Series

Child Motivational Books: The Jack Series

My Father Jack 
My mom laid on her back.

She gave birth to me on this day as I look back.

She had me with a man name Jack.

Jack was not at the hospital the day I came out of my mom’s sack.

Jack did not hear my first sound, quack, quack, quack.

Jack did not see me take my first step, as I fell to the floor with a loud smack.

Jack did not come to my first day of school when big Pat attacked.

Jack did not attend my graduation when I received my plaque.

Jack did not come to my wedding when I married my grade school sweet heart Ms. Marisa Slack.

Jack did not see my first born they day of my wife’s painful birth attack.

Jack did not attend the funeral of my wife Marisa Slack because of complications from the birth attack.

Jack did not come to my bed side as I lay helpless from a major heart attack.

Jack did not attend my funeral, while I laid in my casket with a nice pair of slacks.

Why is the name of this book My Father Jack. I really must be on some form of crack!

Jack Never called Back
I have a great idea.
I will call Jack.
No answer from Jack.
I left a message for Jack, hoping he would call back.
I have a great idea.
I will email Jack.
Jack has not emailed me back.
I have a great idea.
I will write a letter to Jack, maybe his emailed was hacked and that’s why he did not email me back.
Jack has not wrote back.
I have a great idea.
I will go visit Jack.  Maybe his phone line is unplugged from the jack. Maybe his email account was hacked. Maybe his mailbox is cracked.
I knock on Jack’s door; smack, smack, smack.
Jack answers the door.
Jack tell’s me my idea is whack.
I felt Jacked as I left Jack’s house.
I laid down on my back feeling depressed while falling in the cracks.
I said a prayer for Jack, now I’m ready to attack.
I have a great idea.
I will see my idea through and I will not slack.
Jack don’t have to have my back.
I will work hard, day and night until I get a plaque.
Thank you Jack.
Don’t be like Jack
I will go outside to play with my jacks.
I like playing jacks, with my friends in the hood that are black.
We like to play in the convenient store parking lot name Pack and Sack.
We start to play and here comes Jack.
Jack sells crack and always fighting people to build up his money stack.
“Jack will you please stop selling Crack”? Kid
“You must be whack, if you think Imma stop selling crack!” Jack
“I’m trying to build up my stacks” Jack
“Jack you keeping selling crack you will get whacked” Kid
“I got my strap for a busta. I’ll shoot him in the back” Jack
I will go home to my shack. I’m afraid of Jack.
I will play jacks at home with my friends in the back of my shack.
We were playing jacks, when he heard a loud smack, smack, smack.
I ran outside like I ran track.
We see a group of people standing around in the parking lot of Pack and Sack.
Oh no, it’s Jack lying on his back.
I wish I could playback time, just to save and talk to Jack. Maybe if I could he never would have start selling crack.
Run from Jack
Today I will have to break my back and order to compete on the track.
It’s a fact, that only a few people will make the team to participate in school track.
Oh no, here comes Jack.
Jack runs track and likes to stabbed people and the back.
“Why are you here you wetback” Jack
“I’m not a wetback, I’m just a young man trying to compete on the track” Kid
“Your kind needs to go back, your not welcomed in this pack or on this track” Jack
“I will show you Jack, I will run fast and never look back” Kid
The coach ask everyone “Did you bring a snack?” Coach
My mom put my snack in a brown paper sack.
Jack stole my snack. Now I lack. But I will still beat Jack on the track.
Track tryouts start and I’m having an anxiety attack.
I will fly on the track like a yellow jack.
I must be beat Jack.
The gun fires; smack, smack, smack.
I’m running slow and the back of the pack behind Jack.
This is just a minor setback. I will beat them all including Jack.
Here I come around the track, running hard and fast and passing the pack.
I only have Jack to catch and I can touch his back.
Step by step I slowly attack.
We approach the finish line. Jack and I are back to back.
I pickup speed on the track as if I were a maniac.
Yes, Yes, Yes, I beat Jack!
I talk no smack after I made the team and beat Jack.
Jack did not Come
I ran a cross country race today with my teammates Zack and Mack.
Where was Jack?
I scored a touchdown in the game, from a fumble from the running back.
Where was Jack?
I dunked the basketball at the game like I was Shaq.
Where was Jack?
I hit the baseball out of the park, with a loud smack!
Where was Jack?
I broke a record today running on the track.
Where was Jack?
I kicked the ball in the soccer goal, pass the whole pack.
Where was Jack?
We had the sports banquet today and I was honored with a plaque.
Where was Jack?
It is a fact, I must continue to run towards my dreams with or without Jack.
Don’t Allow your Dreams to be Jacked (Audio Tape for the Jack Series for Children)
What is that dream you are holding in your mind? What is that dream you are running towards, as you separate yourself from the Jack’s in our society? Will that dream that you have, be Jacked by the Jack’s of the world? Who is Jack? Jack is anybody in your life that wants to get in the way of your dream. It’s very important that you get the Jack’s of the world out of your life if you want to live your dream.
What is a dream? Dreams are successions of images, ideas, emotions, and sensations that occur within the mind. Can we turn these dreams that we have in our minds into a reality? Yes we can! How do you know that Mr. Micah? I know that because other people have had dreams and these other people saw their dreams become a reality. Life takes on a special kind of meaning when you are running towards your dream. While running towards your dream you will have to face the Jack’s of the world. The Jack’s are their for one purpose and one purpose only, to see just how bad you want your dream. You have to be willing at all times to attack your goals and your dreams in a relentless manner. Don’t allow the Jack’s of the world to put you on your back. My mentor Les Brown has a saying on one of his tapes “If life knocks you down, try to land on your back, because if you can look up, you can get up!”  The Jack’s will make you fill as if you were falling through the cracks. But that’s not true. You have to know that the Jack’s don’t have your back! The goal of Jack, it to attack and make you feel like a empty sack. You have to to fill that sack with with the reasons for WHY, you want stop running towards your dream. When you fill that sack with your reasons for WHY, that sack will not be able to fall through the cracks. The great Friedrich Nietzsche has a quote “If you know the why for doing, you can endure almost any how.” What do you mean by that Mr. Micah? When you are feeling down and feeling counted out because of Jack, just remember WHY you need your dream. Understand, that you cannot be happy if you don’t live your dream. If you don’t grow you cannot be your best. If you cannot be your best, you can not be happy, and if you can not be happy, what is there to look forward to. It’s necessary that you ignore the Jack’s of the world. It’s necessary that you surround yourself with positive people, people who are ambitious, motivating, determined, and hungry! I can remember when I was younger and mother would make pancakes with a recipe call Hungry Jack. And I can remember devouring those pancakes. You can say I was always hungry. If you want to live your dreams, you have to be hungry! You have to be willing to eat Jack, so he or she want come back! It is a absolute fact that Jack does not have your back. You’ve got to run away for Jack and never look back. While you are running towards your dreams and running away from Jack write down your goals. Write down your dreams. Every day take some time and review those goals and dreams on that paper. Find ways to achieve your goals. Search for ways to live your dream. This is the information age that we currently live in. There are countless resources available for you. You have to be willing to make sacrifices if you want to live your dreams. You have to be willing to give up friends, parties, social media, and sleep. Yes, I said sleep! Because while you are sleeping the Jack’s of the world are plotting their attack. The Jack’s of the world are trying to Jack your dreams. You have to constantly attack the Jack’s, so that you can permanently put there butts on the rack! Growing up on the hard streets of North Memphis, TN, I can remember many times I had to put a Jack on the rack. I can remember one time when I was younger, there was a 7/11 gas station around the corner from my house. My friends and I would spend any money we had at that gas station. Going to that gas station and buying candy and slurpee’s was the highlight of our day. I can remember one particular Saturday afternoon some friends and I walked over to the gas station. It was 100 plus degrees outside and we so desperately wanted cherry slurpee’s. We walked into the gas station and proceeded to fill our cups up with the cherry mix. While filling our cups up, the young lady behind the counter said “Hurry up you little thugs. I got real customers waiting to use that machine.” The young men that were with me didn’t seem to mind, but I was highly offended. As I approached the counter and begin pulling money out of my sock, I looked at the young lady and said “Remember those words that you spoke about my friends and myself. I assure you, one day I’ll be back. I’ll be highly educated and on my way to success, and you will still be selling candy, gas and these silly slurpee’s.”  Around 12 years later, I remember coming home from college. I had just purchased my very first car with money I had saved while working at school. The car was a 2-door white Jeep Wrangler with a soft top. I was driving around town like I was cruising in a Bentley. I decided to drive to my old neighborhood in North Memphis. I drove to the neighborhood and to my surprise I saw my old friend Suge. Suge, was on the porch at his mom’s house slurping on a slurpee. I got out of the Jeep and began talking to my old friend. After about 15 minutes into our conversation I remembered that day at the 7/11. I asked Suge if he wanted to go with me to get a slurpee. He said “Sure, I’ll go.” As we pulled up to the 7/11 I noticed the store name had changed, but the young lady that called us thugs was still there. After filling up my cup with cherry mix, I approached the counter pulling out my University of Mississippi custom made wallet. I said to the young lady “You might not remember me, but I remember you. I’d like to thank you.” The old lady replied “For what”? I answered and said “When you called me and my friends thugs almost 12 years ago, I used what you said as fuel. Fuel to my engine. That engine, with some of your fuel, put me on a road call success. A road that has a future. A future where I will see all my dreams come true!” So yes, you’ve got to tell the Jack’s in your life to hit the road Jack. You’ve got to put Jack on the rack and once you put Jack on that rack, don’t ever look back! As I reflect back on that day, let’s reexamine what took place and what results proceeded. When the young lady called us thugs, I used it to motivate me. However, my friends accepted that title. And as a result of accepting that title they represent a thug like mentality today. I would not allow that Jack at the 7/11 to discourage me from living my dream. It’s very important that you get the negative energy draining people out of your life, if you want to live your dream. Don’t allow your dreams to be Jacked. While you run toward your dream you will experience a lot of set backs, a lot of disappoints, a lot of defeats. You will question yourself, why should I keep running towards my dream? Why should I keep running from Jack? You will begin to see that the world has many Jack’s. You will want to join the the Jack’s because they out number the dream chasers. You will question God. But don’t stop! Instead of questioning God, ask Him to give you strength. Ask God to give you courage, when Jack is on your back. Don’t let nobody steal your dream! I can remember when I had just started out being a entrepreneur after college and I fell on hard times. My business went bankrupt and my wife and I had just purchased a half a million dollar home. I remember working at Domino’s pizza, delivering pizza’s in Hernando, MS. While I would drive around delivering pizza’s I would listen to great motivational speeches by Eric Thomas and Les Brown. They would be screaming at the top of their lungs “DON’T LET NOBODY STEAL YOUR DREAM!” They would say things like “See you at the top” and I would look up at the sky while I was driving and say to myself “CAN I DO THIS”? Les Brown would always say “there is a little voice inside of you saying, YOU’RE THE ONE, YOUR’RE THE ONE.” I would pray constantly and ask God for help. After praying for weeks and understanding the ultimate truth that God is in control, a little voice start saying to me “Micah you are the ONE.”  Today I own 4 successful companies. I’m on the board of directors of 2 non-profit organizations. I’m a volunteer for Special Olympics. I’m a Spartan Warrior. I’m a St. Jude hero. I am the one and so are you! I’m the one because the Jack’s of world. Thank you Jack! Thank you Jack!
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