Fermi Paradox

Fermi Paradox

1. We cannot deny the existence of the paradox. Because if we do any discussion of it is simply ludicrous and a waste of time.

2. As far as we know the (from empirical evidence) universe is uniform, and because of this we have no basis to say that any other planet like (or rather an environment like) Earth would be any different from ours. So if there are Earth-like planets with about the same age, it should have species with the same level of technology (plus/minus due to catastrophes, geography, etc.). And all this with complete disregard for non-carbon life, possibility of some life on non-earth like planets, etc.

3. Extrapolating from human evolution we can say that we need to expand, for humans to survive, and we need to expand beyond a single solar system in several billion years time-period.

4. Having the right technology our population grows very rapidly, so there is no reason our exploration should stop after we colonize next available star system.

We built a spacecraft capable of leaving our solar system many years ago. And it’s only a technological question of building a bigger one. We can produce a self-sufficient ecosystem, it’s not a complicated task. More than that, with all the stem cell research we can probably just grow food by multiplying existent cells.
So we can start space colonization very soon. There are no problems, which we can think of us unsolvable. And that’s only us. Now if we imagine that millions of years ago there were some planets with much better societies with greater respect for science (which is not hard to imagine), then they should be around. And they are not.
Saying that They were destroyed from within or never existed, never reached space travel, etc. does not solve paradox in any way. It’s just a denial. Because you can as well argue that they could survive, could reach, could be here by now. Does the paradox live?
Fermi Paradox is nothing more than an extrapolation of our evolution. And it can be that the reason we can’t find anybody out there is because maybe our evolution takes another turn in a near future. It does not stop, we don’t die, we don’t kill the planet, we might not even stop technological development. But something happens that we don’t consider at this moment. Not because it is incomprehensible, but because we just didn’t look at nature this way yet.

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